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date. 2018

location. Black Rock City

​about. an burn installation about the trace Black Rock City leaves on its community. This project was designed and lead by Kate Greenberg with lighting programming by Chris Crawford. It was prefabricated in 2 months, installed in 8 days, open to visitors for 5 days, and then burned down and recycled. A team over 30 volunteers made this piece possible, notably including work by Blake Flaherty and RHBU Engineering.

Burning Man is centered around a Leave No Trace ethos, but we believe that the event also leaves a trace on us. How is Burning Man altering perspectives of art, of community, and of ourselves? Black Rock City offers an augmented reality. The dust brings a veil of mystery that can elevate the city's creations from marvelous to magical, and each new magic tempts us to expand our perceptions further. These creations, creators, and explorers generate a week-long enchantment of the playa together. At its best, the effects of this temporary reality are not impermanent and can be carried back through the gate and enrich lives outside it.


Trace was an art piece inspired by the interconnectivity and ephemerality of the playa, and reflected on the way Burning Man teases our perception of reality as we generate and explore it together - like a shared dream. Created from eight miles of hand-dyed colored rope, the sculpture took a mirage-like form that celebrated how individual journeys cross paths on playa, yet intertwine to shape an evanescent landscape and its broader community. A book was placed at the heart of the installation that invited visitors to reflect on the question: "how has Burning Man altered your perception of reality?" and was full by the time the piece was burned down.

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