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The Pleasure Dairy

date. 2023 > ongoing

location. Black Rock City

​about. a multi-year project that explores how a Burning Man Theme Camp can become an immersive art environment designed as a creative collective. This project was founded by Kate Greenberg, and co-lead in 2023 with Danielle Bloyd, Bodie Bloyd, Robert Schweizer, and Alexandra Briggs. Art concepts were co-created with Adela Wagner. The 2023 team included 37 amazing campers who helped imagine and build our year one camp; many more volunteered for build days and participated to make featured body-art possible. 

Finally, what you’ve been waiting for, a Burning Man camp that reimagines the little-known historic curiosity of pleasure dairies! A novel trend of the early modern era, pleasure dairies were pastoral retreats built by figures like Catherine de Medici and Marie Antoinette for themselves and their ladies. They were fanciful re-imaginings of ‘working’ diaries - where milk-based products were produced for sale - but these new dairies were built to be spaces for pleasure and leisure. Some historians believe they were places of frivolity, and that the wealthy used them to play-act at provincial life. But they also, and more significantly, were spaces to take refuge from the patriarchy of the court, where women could subvert the societal expectations of "polite society" and seek to practice feminine wellness and expression in their own way. We are reimagining what this pleasure practice would look like today, if we built it at Burning Man.


Our mission at The Pleasure Dairy is to create an immersive and transformative experience for the Burning Man community that uses art to provocatively celebrate body diversity, femme-positive empowerment, and deepen our understanding of what pleasure means to each of us. We’ve seen the power of art to provide a platform for open reflection and conversation, and hope to engage participants to express their personal journeys freely and discover new levels of self-knowledge as well as insight from others. A place where we can make and hold space for creative expression and collaboration, and find inspiration and joy in creating magic for our community.

For 2023 we created our frontage, including a bar 'The Tits' that featured breast and chest paint impressions made by members of our community and water-misters that were sculpted based on real forms, as well as three small multi-sensory art experiences based on concepts about pleasure. The Comfort Zone explored pleasure + comfort, and the neurological effects of our environments. The Pleasure Diary was a poem-filled confessional about pleasure + memory, and the connection of physical joy with vulnerability. And Pleasure Justice explored pleasure + equity, and will be a place to visualize what pleasure freedoms and restrictions look like today around the globe.

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