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date. 2019 > ongoing

location. Various

​about. an interactive sound + light installation enticing visitors to step inside the audio-visual art they compose together. This project was designed and lead by Kate Greenberg and Ahren Alexander with programming by Christopher Crawford. A team of 10+ volunteers made the first installation of this piece possible, notably including work by David Sumberg, Blake Flaherty, Cameron Tacklind, RHBU Engineering. 

OPUS is a both an immersive art space and a playable instrument. Inspired by surrealism, it takes the form of an abstracted piano, a continuous surface of keys, with different sound stations to be activated and played by many visitors. Keys are linked to LED tubes that extend out of the keyboard, into the air, and collectively outline a canopy of music, immersing visitors and visualizing their orchestrations as light.


A goal of this project is to make audio-visual composition accessible to everyone. The installation’s spatial design and interactive programming foster collaboration and catalyze the creative process. No previous musical experience is required to create art with Opus - it only requires your curiosity and imagination. Using midi-based programming, this pieces can become a piano, giant drum circle, guided musical ensemble, healing sound bath, exploratory rainforest, poetry generator, story-telling machine, and so much more..

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