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Multiverse Man Base

date. 2020

location. The Multiverse

​about. The selected design for the Burning Man 2020 Man Pavilion  by Kate Greenberg. Concept design submissions for the Pavilion are currently invitation-only to a small selection of artists, and must represent the theme for the event that year. Burning Man 2020 was cancelled by the pandemic, and this design was never constructed. It instead became the official virtual base on platforms hosting Burning Man VR. 

A multiverse may be the coexistence of multiple universes separated by space, time, or dimension. We may exist in one, some, or all of these simultaneously; however, we continue to find ourselves at the center of that which we call our general reality. When we look beyond what we know about this reality, perhaps to find something larger than ourselves, we can’t help but also seek to find humanity in the vastness of this expanding all.

As a concept for the 2020 Man Pavilion, this wood structure represented five bubble universes held in suspended animation at the center of the Burning Man Multiverse. Four entry portals formed connections like cosmic wormholes, and revealed the interstitial Space that is holding all possible futures and realities in quantum constellation.

The fifth cardinal direction connected to the Man. Through this portal, a mirrored man reached down. Looking up, you were mirrored back.

In this Multiverse, YOU are the Man. The Man is YOU.

You are the true centrifuge for your experience, and your energy has the power to expand this universe as you know it.

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